Hamster Heroes

Fantom Hamster Heroes is a collection of 3333 uniquely and randomly generated NFTs stored on the Fantom Blockchain. They watch apes, dogs, cats, and birds get released out of their cages and felt their cuteness wasn’t appreciated on the blockchain. To find owners to adopt them, they’ve decided… TO GO HAM ON EVERYTHING!
They Go Ham OnSupply
with only 3,333 furry creatures.
They Go Ham OnPrice
at 50 FTM without bonding curve.
They Go Ham OnCommunity
with 50% of sales and royalties going to a community wallet.

Mint A Hamster

Launched on 16th October 2021, all 3,333 Hamster Heroes were sold out within 15 hours - one of the most successful launches on the Fantom blockchain. You can still buy a Hamster Hero off a secondary market at PaintSwap.


The Hamster Heroes metadata are stored on IPFS, a permanent decentralised data storage. Each hamster is generated from over 70 possible traits over 6 layers, some rarer than the others. To pay homage to the most popular game on Fantom, Rarity Game, 11 Hamster Heroes have taken on their classes as Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer to rally the Hamster Army. They are differentiated by wearing a Class Hat and a Class Weapon and have their heads bobbing. This is because they’re cute and they are only allowed to do cute stuff, you know? Their goal is to start the Bobbing Hamster Heads Revolution.


Phase 0
To sell-out all hamsters so that resellers can be protected on the secondary market.
Phase 1
Verify all holders on Discord to form the DAO and make the first proposal on Snapshot (a voting system) with the funds from the community wallet.Learn More..
Phase 2
Have all 3,333 NFTs attributes visible on the new Fantom wallet with rarity rank displayed on website.
Phase 3
Exclusive merchandise for Hamster Heroes holders.